Thursday, May 31, 2012

BirthKuwait event: Workshop Breastfeeding situation in Kuwait

BirthKuwait event : Workshop "Breastfeeeding situation in Kuwait" took place 29th May 2012 at the Women`s Cultural Society. The programme consisted of five presentations:

1. Dr. Mona Alsumaie : Breastfeeding situation in Kuwait
We learned that 82% of women in Kuwait initiate breastfeeding ( even if only once ) , but only 12% of them continue exclusive brestfeeding up to 6th month of baby age. The most common reasons why women stop breastfeeding are lack of proper information, motivation and help.

2. Dr. Alia Abdeen : Kuwait Lactation Consultants Society: mission and activities
Kuwait Lactation Consultant Society currently has 37 members who took certification exam and qualified, they are distributed in govermental hospitals all over Kuwait and available to help mothers whenever needed.

3. Zuzana Nadova, Midwife : BirthKuwait - mission, vision and activities
BirthKuwait is a local nonprofit birth network— a collection of birth-related professionals—networking together and working towards providing better support for mothers and improving maternity services in Kuwait by making resources available for mothers and advocating for evidence-based maternity care.

4. Heba Al Ali, BSF founder: BFS breastfeeding support club 
The most important message of this presentation was to start preparing for breastfeeding during the pregnancy , setting the priorities right and having support system.

5. Carolyne Presber, LLL leader-Kuwait: La Leche League in Kuwait
We learned about history  and activities of La Leche League, which is international non profit organization providing Mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information and education for women who breastfeed their children.

Programme was followed by interesting discussion.

Photos from the event:

Invitation for the lecture

Dr. Alia Abdeen ( left) , Zuzana Nadova, Dr. Mona Alsumaie

Carolyne Presber ( left ), Dr. Alia Abdeen, Dr. Mona Alsumaie, Heba Al Ali

Carolyne Presber ( left) , Heba Al Ali

Zuzana Nadova

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