Natural birth in Kuwait
I am a 27 year old Kuwaiti mother of three girls. All my deliveries have been totally natural, thanks to a long tradition from my mother's side as well as my grand-mother's who was a pioneer in natural birth revival in the 50' in europe.
My mother was always with me to help me remember the simple rules which help a good delivery; uttering words of remembrance of our creator, keeping the hands and face relaxed and breathing deeply from the diaphragm. This precious information was gathered by my mom in a book called '' Child Birth without Fear" . It explained that the more the mother understands about giving birth, the less fear she will have.

Of course in Kuwait , because of the still prevailing ignorance coupled by standardized hospitals procedures, it is a surprise to the medical teams if you require a "natural birth", They often act like they don't believe you know what you are talking about.

Luckily for me, my 2 children were deliverd by a doctor who loves to deliever babies naturally! 
Consequently, my birth experience were just great, naturally unfolding, peacefully progressing thru the stages with my mom as my very own ''Doula"

The third baby had a natural birth too thanks to our determination. However, I was "dropped" by my initial obstetrician because she refuse to perform a natural birth, qualifying the idea as a "caveman" one! Nonetheless, my third baby and I enjoyed yet again a beautiful natural birth experience because I had the great fortune to be assisted by a genuine "Doula" as well as my mother! 

My "Doula" was Mrs Zuzana who is a certified midwife. This birth experience was especially great as Mrs Zuzana's experience and talent made my mother and me even more confident thru her nurturing approach and her great wealth of knowledge of massage therapies and other methods for relaxation such as breathing techniques, visualization, vocalization, walking, sitting on a birth ball spending time in Jacuzzi bath.

For my self, I am planning to ask Mrs Zuzana to be with me again for my next delivery and I hope that my story will help convince others to trust in themselves and the beautiful process of natural birth, which is so important to the well being of the little one who comes into this world!

Induced labour as natural as possible
In the early morning of the first day of this year my family was blessed with the safe arrival of
beautiful and healthy bundle of joy, our 2.9kg baby.
I was lucky enough to have had been introduced to the phenomenal volunteers and members of Birth Kuwait during my pregnancy. I had the benefit of attending preparation for birth (Lamaze) classes where my very many questions and concerns about birthing where addressed. In those classes pregnant mums are prepared mentally and emotionally for birth, bonding and breastfeeding. I also attended calming prenatal yoga classes, which helped me to stay fit, flexible and relaxed during the pregnancy and at the same time they ensured that I was physically prepared for our baby's birth.
From joining the birth Kuwait society I was invited to many enjoyable and informative movie nights and lectures where I learned a lot on drug free birthing, breastfeeding, infant bonding and more, even as a second time mum I greatly benefited for the information I was so kindly given and it was during one of these events I met our wonderful doula Zuzana, who went on to attendand assist my birth partner and I during my labor and the delivery of our baby. In her generosity and with her extensive knowledge of natural birth she so gently and kindly guided and supported us through the birth of our son and with the grace of god she aided me to achieve the delievery that I wished for.
 I owe great thanks to Birth Kuwait and its spectacular founders Heba Al Ali, Sarah Pakisma, Zuzana Nadova and all of the rest of its members and friends for their selfless time, effort, love and support that was shown to me and to countless pregnant couples here in Kuwait. No matter how much one has read on pregnancy or have heard of on becoming a mother, it is still always great to know that as a pregnant mum you have someone to hear your worries, share your joys and to hold your hand 
through the sometimes daunting 

Natural Birth After Cesarean Section 
I started to have contractions early Wednesday morning... Had an appointment the same day but the contractions were too far apart so returned home... Through out the day they progressed and by 2am they were less than 10 mins apart and last almost a minute so we headed to the emergency of Sabah hospital...
Upon arriving they checked and I was only 1cm dilated despite the close contractions.. The ctg was fine and I was told to go back... Throughout the day I labored at home, in the shower, various positions ... The contractions sometimes slowed down and then on Thursday evening again they hit high intensity, every 2-3 mins apart and lasting more than a minute..so I was back in emergency, again no progress ...
I was literally in tears... Thursday night was horrible, spent it mostly in the bathtub... And by next morning it got unbearable .. Plus the emergency of Sabah is pathetic, they make u wait hours in emergency!... I was ready to give up and just go for another csection..Then my husband and father took me straight to Salam hospital to avoid the waiting in emergency .. This was Friday afternoon..It was a spur of a moment decision as I had said enough just go for csection, and once I reached Salam hospital I was 3cm and the water bag broke..And then it was all a haze for me literally, they admitted me, I immediately asked for epidural as I was shivering with the pain and my body was collapsing...
Alhumdulilah the whole labour progressed naturally after that and the baby arrived naturally at 10pm... A successful vbac after almost 72 hours of labour! Though I was so close to giving up!:)
One thing I must add is that if I hadn't done the prenatal yoga throughout the pregnancy, I might have given up much earlier... The hip circles, child pose, all fours, lunges... Really really helped me and of course the breathing exercises... There even was a stage when I was doing the neck rolls and that helped me to remember to breathe deeply... Many many thanks to my dear Zuzana for all that she taught and her continuous guidance! and now I tell every expectant mom to take prenatal yoga as a compulsory part of pregnancy as you never know what lies at the end of the journey!

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