Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My doula training

Having a doula with me during my two labors were had been alway a dream of mine, which stayed unfuftilled , cos there were no doulas available in Kuwait then. A doula is birth companion who provides you with emotional and physical support. Imagine a person who calms you down, reminds you of proper breathing, relaxation techniques, keeps you hydrated by offering sips of water, keeps you energized by offering small portions of food ( like dates), relieves pain by massaging and accupunture or applying hot compresses,.. and much more. I took doula training course ( DONA)  sponsored by BirthKuwait and Royal Hayatt so I will be able to attend labors of my family & friends and I also think about getting licensed soon.

Here are some photos from the training course:
                   My trainer Kristi Ridd-Young (left)  and me (right)

                              Kristi speaking about emotional support

            My friend Sarah Paksima of BirthKuwait providing me with shoulder   
             massage while I am sitting on the fit ball

                                 Me practising relaxation

            Model of bony pelvis with baby descending to the birth canal

                                Pain relieve technique

                                Certificate of attendence

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