Monday, May 9, 2011

Meeting "BIRTH KUWAIT" May 5th, 2011

Meeting "Birth Kuwait" took place May 5th, 2011. Meeting was attended by number of mothers and local professionals.

Firstly, we were greeted and welcome by Mrs. Sarah Paksima, the organizer of the meeting who shortly presented goals and activities of Birth Kuwait.

Birth Kuwait is group of volunteers who advocate for improvement of maternity services in Kuwait.

GOALS: 1. Educate: cyber hub for information, classes, workshops, library& resources
               2. Support: training for childbirth educators, doulas, pre-natal yoga instructors& breastfeeding peer
               3. Empower: online birth survey, members news letter, local advocacy
Birth Kuwait`s activities include: Birth Kuwait web site and regular updates in Facebook group Birth Kuwait

Secondly, Mrs. Katharine Graves who was speaking about maternity services situation in Europe and US. She also shortly presented benefits of hypnobirthing technique.

Thirdly, all invited were introduced and short discussion took place.

Fourthly, the meeting was concluded by refreshment.


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