Tuesday, May 15, 2012

BirthKuwait event at Sadu House 14th may 2012

BirthKuwait event: Coping with labor took place at Sadu House on 14th May 2012. We talked about labor and comfort measures during labor. The lecture was presented by Midwife Jane Ayers and Doula Sarah Paksima of BirthKuwait .

We learned that it is preferred to eat and drink during early stage of labor in order to maintain high energy levels  all the way to the delivery. It is also adviced to practice relaxation techniques and correct breathing to faciliate release of hormones which easen labor and decreases pain. We were also presented with demonstration of many labor positions and comfort measures, like applying hot compresses, massages, accupuncture and use of fit ball.

Photos from the event: My daughter learning about the use of fit ball during labor and me

By providing moms with counter pressure (in response to the pressure of the baby's internal rotations in the pelvis and against the sacrum) by doing the double hip squeeze, using a scarf to accomplish the same thing, or pressing or massaging the sacrum, you can help relieve some of the discomfort of labor.
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