Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The BirthKuwait`s Conference: Birthing With Confidence in the GCC 2014

BirthKuwait is pleased to announce an upcoming Conference: Birthing With Confidence in the GCC, Promoting Maternal and Infant Health Through Training Workshops for Professionals, Community Health Care Workers and Maternal Health Care Advocates, which will take place in October from the 14th to the 18th include:

1. Lamaze Childbirth Education Workshop (5 days Oct 14th-18th)

2. Breastfeeding Counselor Training (4 days, Oct 14th-17th)

3. "Breastfeeding Your Baby" Lactation Educator Workshop (For Professionals Only, 1 day on Oct 18th)

4. DONA Doula Training Workshop (3 days, Oct 16-18). 

For more information check below:
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Course Description

Training Workshops are facilitated and approved by renowned international maternal and infant health advocates: Lamaze International, EPI,  DUKE AHEC, DONA, and our local partner FSRI. 

Please fill in the Application Form and e-mail it back to us on the e-mail below.

For details and registration, please visit www.birthkuwait.com or e-mail: info@birthkuwait.com