Monday, February 11, 2013

My BLOOMA Prenatal Yoga Training

I would like to share with you photos from Prenatal yoga training course which I took during January 10-13, 2013 at RanaFit Studio , located in premises of Kuwait Women`s Cultural Society. 
This article is reposted from BirthKuwait web site.

Blooma is prenatal  yoga school registred by YOGA ALLIANCE.

Prenatal yoga is an hour long workout , consisting of four fazes , imitating stages of childbirth : Meditation, Heating up, Intensity and Final rest. The sequence of exercises is specially design to tone up muscles and keep them flexible in order to stretch and enable baby to pass through the birth canal quickly . It also concentrates on breathing techniques and strenghtening muscles of the pelvic floor ( aka birthing muscles).  Every pregnant lady can benefit from prenatal exercise not only during pregnancy, but also during actual labour , where she can be active and combine her routine positions which made her feel comfortable during pregnancy with resting positions which will restore her energy.

Meditation ( Introduction) with our beautiful trainer Sarah Longacre

Seated positions- Stretching arms

Seated position - Stretching forward

Short neck massage

On all four position

Dolphin position

Downward faced dog with leg extention

Belly dance

Sun salutations

Warrior 2

Deep squating

Final resting after workout

The end


Will Prenatal Yoga alleviate common pregnancy discomforts?

The vast majority of mothers who practice yoga in their pregnancies report a decrease in their discomfort. Back pain, insomnia, hip pain, sciatica, leg cramps, and round ligament pain are just a few of the pregnancy discomforts which are easily remedied through a regular yoga practice. In addition, many mothers report improved digestion, decreased swelling, and better sleep at night as a result of yoga practice. Let your instructor know during intros/ check-in if there is something that you would like to address through the yoga practice. Not only will she be able to address it in the practice, other moms may have experienced the same issue and have ideas to help.

How will Prenatal Yoga prepare me for my labor?

A consistent yoga practice can help put your baby in an optimal position for labor, and many of the breathing techniques, postures and movements practiced in class can be used during labor to cope with discomfort and help your labor to progress efficiently. In addition, many questions and concerns regarding the birth experience are addressed in class. Instructors can answer questions or direct you to appropriate resources and other students may have experiences and information to share, as well.


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