Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bonding with your baby and gentle parenting

It`s a well-known fact that the  first moments after baby`s birth are crucial to baby`s proper adjustment and adaptation to life out of mom`s womb. Baby will immediately start breathing on his/her own, and gradually regulating temperature, breastfeeding and internal organs will begin its functions-liver will start with blood clotting thus protecting new-borns from bleeding, then breaking extra waste and red blood cells and bilirubin to prevent jaundice,
GIT will initialize digesting breast milk and passing the first stool- Meconium.
Urinary system will be maintaining body`s fluids and electrolyte balance.

Nowadays all this is well taken care of in hospitals. Babies are being properly examined immediately after birth by specialized pediatricians, then given shortly to moms and then whisked away to nurseries.
Babies physical needs have been well studied, documented and all care providers agree that  physical needs need to be taken care of in order to achieve the best possible health and potential for baby`s development.  But what about baby`s emotional needs? Aren`t they of equal importance as the physical ones? How does baby feel once separated from his/her mom? How will this early separation from mom affect him/her?
If taking care of physical needs is necessary for baby`s proper development, so is taking care of baby`s emotional needs promote baby`s well being , calmness, emotional stability and ensure raising a balanced and well-adjusted child.

Baby needs to feel safe and protected. Baby wants to smell mom`s scent and hear mom`s voice. Baby also wants to feel mom`s gentle touch. The same sensations and experiences as those in mom`s womb ensure smooth transition and adaptation to baby`s new life. You can observe that babies are usually calm in their mom`s arms and cry once taken away. Again they will calm down when returned to their moms.
Bonding between mom and her baby has numerous beneficial effects like: baby is calm, baby`s heart rate, breathing and temperature regulation are optimal. Baby can breastfeed in peace and learn proper latch which is vital for successful breastfeeding.