Saturday, May 21, 2011

Maternity Health Statistics in Middle East Region by WHO

Check Maternity Health Statistics known as Making Pregnancy Safer for Middle East Region. The State of Kuwait ( KUW) has very low rates of evaluated indicators of maternity health, which is very good for Moms and Babies in Kuwait. It means that pregnancy& childbirth are safe.
Maternal Mortality Rate 12,8% ( mother dying due to pregnancy)
" Complications during pregnancy and childbirth are a leading cause of death and disability among women of reproductive age in developing countries. The maternal mortality ratio represents the risk associated with each pregnancy, i.e. the obstetric risk. It is also a MDG indicator."

Perinatal Mortality Rate 10,5% ( mother dying due to giving birth)
"Haemorrhage and hypertensive disorders together account for the largest proportion of maternal deaths in developing countries, according to an HRP study, believed to be the first to use the systematic review approach to analyse causes of maternal mortality."

Neonatal Mortality Rate 5,7% ( baby dying due to birth)

"The vast majority of newborn deaths take place in developing countries where access to health care is low. Most of these newborns die at home, without skilled care that could greatly increase their chances for survival.Skilled health care during pregnancy, childbirth and in the postnatal (immediately following birth) period prevents complications for mother and newborn, and allows for early detection and management of problems."

Percentage of low birth weight 8,4%
Percentage of cesarian sections 11,9%

Kindly note, that evaluated indicators are beeing collected only from govermental institutions and last provided statistics are from years 2007 and 2008.


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