Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hypnobirthing in Kuwait ( by Katherine Graves)

Here is a sneak peak of Katharine Graves`s ( who is hypnobirthing practitioner and teacher) piece about her experience in Kuwait: 

" I am a mother.  I have spent my life searching for recalcitrant football boots and making sure that teenagers with hollow legs have enough food.

Then hypnobirthing came into my life and everything changed.  Last month everything changed again.  Out of the blue I got an email from a mother in Kuwait asking if Hypnobirthing would work for someone giving birth in hospital.  Of course Hypnobirthing can work well in any situation.  In fact I had an email recently from a couple who had attended one of my Hypnobirthing classes who said;  “We had a wonderful birth, because we made it so.”  Her husband was wonderful as a birth companion, but the hospital was very busy and the environment was not ideal, but even so Hypnobirthing made a huge difference.

I then exchanged emails with the mother in Kuwait and it transpired that her mother was in London and the suggestion was that she should come to a Hypnobirthing Course, or even possibly a Hypnobirthing Teacher Training Course, and take the information back with her for her daughter.  After a few more emails the plan moved on, as plans do, and it was agreed that I would go to Kuwait to teach a Hypnobirthing Course.  Then the plan evolved again so that I found myself invited to teach not only a Hypnobirthing Course but a Hypnobirthing Teacher Training Course as well."

Read the rest of the article here

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