Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Human Development Report UNDP 2010

Check 3D visualisation of the HDI ( kindly open the link) Human Development Index. Enter the name of your country, press play and watch the animation of the developement from year 1980 up to 2010.
HDI evaluates following indicators:
          1. Rank "A country's rank relative to other countries based on the HDI value for a particular year."  
              State of Kuwait ranking as High Human Developement Group      
2. Value"A composite index measuring average achievement in three basic dimensions of human development—a long and healthy life, knowledge and a decent standard of living. For details on how the index is calculated, see Technical note 1. Calculated based on data from UNDESA (2009d), Barro and Lee (2010), UNESCO Institute for Statistics (2010b), World Bank (2010b) and IMF(2010a)."
            State of Kuwait is ranking No 47 from 169 countries in 2010

3. Education "One of the three indices on which the Human Development Index is built. It is based on mean years of schooling (of adults) and expected years of schooling (of children). See Expected years of schooling and Mean years of schooling"
4. Heath"Life expectancy at birth expressed as an index using a minimum value of 20 years and observed maximum value over 1980-2010. Calculated based on indicator value and observed minimum and maximum values for the indicator".  
5.Income "GNI per capita (2008 PPP US$, using natural logarithm) expressed as an index using a minimum value of $163 and observed maximum value over 1980-2010." 

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