Monday, January 2, 2012

55 732 babies born in Kuwait in 2011

31,525 Kuwaitis born in 2011

KUWAIT: Rashed Al-Azemi, Director of the Central Birth and Death Administration at the Ministry of Health, said that a total of 55,732 birth certificates and 5,816 death certificates were issued during 2011.

New born Kuwaiti babies totaled 31,525, of whom 15,635 were male and 15,890 were female.

More than 11,000 birth certificates were issued to the stateless residents, and 500 death certificates. He emphasized that forgery in birth and death certificates is almost non-existent, and in case of discovery they are sent to the Public Prosecution Department.

He said mistakes in the date of birth and death certificates are very limited and caused by a lack of information. He added that death and birth records for both Kuwaitis and expatriates are entered into computer records. —Al-Anbaa

Source: Kuwait Times

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