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Top 50 Blogs About Homebirth

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Bringing new life into the world can be a beautiful, scary, and above all, emotional experience. For those who wish to go through this life-changing event in the comfort of their own home, there is quite a bit of research to do first.  Look no further, because we have gathered together the best 50 blogs about homebirth. Or, if you are a midwife, doula, or have another profession in the childbirth field, check out these blogs to see what your peers have to say. All of these blogs are regularly updated, and many take a unique look at the pros and cons of homebirth. And, best of all, there are lots of cute baby pictures!

Top Five

  1. Bring Birth Home: This blog was created as a way to share beautiful and inspirational homebirth stories. There is also a ton of information here for anyone planning a homebirth.
  2. Dear Baby G: This blog began as a way to document the blogger’s pregnancy and at homebirth. Now that the baby is born, readers can take a look at the successful birth story, and hear how older siblings are adjusting to a new baby in the house.
  3. On Being Blythe: This self-proclaimed shameless mommy blog highlights the wonder of having your child at home. Lovely photos and thoughtful posts about pregnancy and motherhood, combined with a question and answer series about homebirth, make it an invaluable resource.
    • Why We Love It: This blogger shares some gorgeous pictures of her new little bundle of joy.
    • Favorite Post: Week 40 - The bump moves up
  4. Bedhead Birth Blog: Learn about the importance of umbilical cords, how formula compares with breast milk, and how beautiful a homebirth can be with this photographer’s blog. In addition to taking stunning pictures, this blogger is also a doula, so the posts are backed up by lots of birthing experience.
    • Why We Love It: This blogger reminds us that a birth can be a momentous occasion for an older sibling, as well as for the mother.
    • Favorite Post: A Family Affair
  5. Midwife Thinking: As a homebirth midwife, this blogger seeks to encourage women to consider their different birthing options. Expect artwork, birth stories, and lots of detailed, knowledgeable advice.

The Rest of the Best

  • A Midwife’s Muse: This blog takes a close look at many aspects of being a midwife, including assisting with births, and all the paperwork that goes with it. There is also a great post about postnatal care.
  • Bay Area Birth Blog: Though this doula service also offers hospital birth options, there is some great information for those who wish to have a baby in their own home. One of the main themes of this blog is finding empowerment in your pregnancy and labor.
  • Belly Tales: Read about touching birth stories, as well as facts about babies after they are out of the belly. There are also some great links to tons of helpful resources.
  • Birth: realize your inner strength: Learn more about natural childbirth options at this homebirth midwife’s blog. There are also updates about local natural birth classes.
  • Bloom Spokane: This organization hopes to educate parents so they can make informed decisions about their pregnancy and labor options. Among other topics, there are posts about natural childbirth and homebirth, as well as information about upcoming classes and events.
  • Carolyn's blog: Read about birth stories in developing countries, as well as more general facts about being a midwife. This blogger also discusses midwifery education.
  • Charleston Birth Place: This birthing organization expects women to listen to their own bodies and communicate their needs about childbirth. They strive to provide information about the different childbirth options, including homebirth, and they even post some stirring birth videos.
  • Circus Queen: This British blogger recently had a new addition to her family, with a birth that was a combination of at home and in the hospital. Browse the archives for plenty of pregnancy tales, and why she decided to have her baby at home.
  • Citizens for Midwifery: Read about homebirth facts and statistics on this midwife organization’s blog. There are also some fabulous book reviews.
  • Dar a Luz Women’s Care: This midwife helps families keep their homebirths as stress-free as possible. She also informs readers about pregnancy facts, such as whether or not reducing salt intake is necessary.
  • Dirty Diaper Laundry: This blog is not only about what your baby wears. Read about this blogger’s experience with homebirth, as well as some posts on induction and epidurals.
  • Erin Ellis Homebirth Midwife: This midwife and mother writes about the Birth Change movement in the United States. Learn how politics might be involved in determining the risks of homebirth.
  • Feed the Soil: Many topics, not just pregnancy and birth, are covered in this new mother’s blog. Read about her son’s homebirth, complete with lots of adorable baby pictures.
  • Graceful Approach: This blog offers advice about having a well-balanced life. Read a wonderful article on the homebirth of the blogger’s child, as well as some great time-saving recipes for a new mother.
  • Happy and Healthy Mom: This blog offers lots of information about all stages of mothering, not just those who are pregnant. One post gives a very detailed account of a woman who had a first-time homebirth.
  • Hobo mama: An aspiring writer and mother blogs about natural parenting. Read about her recent homebirth, as well as some tips on breastfeeding and how to comfort an older sibling when the new baby arrives.
  • Home Birth in Israel: Based in Israel, this midwife and doula assists with homebirths. Though this is a fairly new blog, there are already some inspiring birth stories and lovely articles about the power of new life.
  • Homebirth: A Midwife Mutiny: Out of Australia, this blogger strives to bring pregnancy and birth out of a hospital setting. In addition to some very informative articles, there are quite a few videos of a variety of different kinds of births.
  • Ilithyia Inspired: After having a successful, unassisted homebirth herself, this blogger has a lot of experience to draw from for her posts. She is also a doula and self-proclaimed birth servant, and offers tons of advice on all aspects of pregnancy, labor, and breastfeeding.
  • Mama Eve: This natural parenting blog gives advice for dealing with all ages of children. Read about homebirth, c-sections, and early childhood education.
  • Midwifery in Kuwait: This blog brings readers all the latest information about midwife services in Kuwait. Read about induced labor, and celebrity homebirths.
  • Mindful Makeover: This blogger includes some great pregnancy pictures, as well as thoughts about home vs. hospital births. One of the most recent posts discusses the blogger’s final decision to go ahead with a homebirth, and the steps that will follow.
  • Mountain Midwifery Center: Though this midwifery center helps women through labor in their own facility, there is still tons of information about going the more natural, out of the hospital, route with childbirth. There are lots of great birth stories, as well as a comprehensive list of resources.
  • Navelgazing Midwife: This is an interesting blog because this midwife, after helping with homebirths, recently began focusing on hospital births. Check out the archives for a wealth of information about the pros and cons of giving birth at home.
  • New Life On A Homestead: This blog is not entirely devoted to childbirth, but rather about self-sufficiency in general. However, there are some great posts about the blogger’s pregnancy and experience with homebirth.
  • Newbury Home Birth Group: This is the blog for a support group that meets monthly to talk about different aspects of homebirth. You’ll find some great advice, as well as birth stories from different group members.
  • One Heart Midwifery Care: This midwife organization offers some great information for people just starting to research homebirths. There area some inspiring testimonials from the midwives themselves about how they have helped women and families throughout the years.
  • Prairie Love Midwifery: This midwife offers help throughout all stages of pregnancy. Stop by her blog to read some lovely birth testimonials, complete with pictures.
  • Pure Motherhood: A natural approach to mothering is the goal of this blogger. There are some great posts discussing the joys, as well as the scary parts, of labor.
  • Red Rock Midwifery: This midwife offers some great advice, information, and even book recommendations for expecting families. The blogger even touches on the sensitive subject of when a homebirth does not go according to plan.
  • Sarah Jones Midwifery Services: Check out this midwife’s blog for some touching testimonials from her clients. One homebirth account describes “the perfect birth.”
  • SEWNnatural: Readers can learn about this family’s homebirth journey. They really give a look at the day-to-day activities behind their craft business, which includes lots of artistic preparation for the new baby.
  • Shelley Paulson Photography: This blog is normally all about the pictures, and not necessarily ones about pregnancy or birth. However, this stunning photo documentary of a friend’s homebirth makes this blog a wonderful addition to our list.
  • Spirit of Life: By posting articles about women’s health, and the latest trends in midwifery, this midwife helps keep readers informed about different childbirth options. Check out the recent post, “A Checklist for Expectant Women” to see if you are as prepared as you could be.
  • Sweet Child O’ Mine: Read some inspiring birth stories, posted by a midwife homebirth service from Florida. There are also quite a few heartwarming mother and child pictures.
  • The Crafty Nest: This is a very reader-oriented blog, offering tons of giveaways and reviews of helpful products. The blogger also writes about the homebirth of her child, including Mr. Crafty Nest’s perspective on the matter.
  • The Feminist Breeder: Brought to you by a pre-law student and mother of three, this blog constantly demonstrates how feminism and motherhood go hand in hand. Recent blog posts document the homebirth of the blogger’s first daughter.
  • The Midwife’s Desk: As a midwife, this blogger knows a thing or two about what new mothers should expect, and even includes a post titled, “Letter to a First-Time Mother.” There is also a beautiful photo essay of a homebirth, with lots of smiling faces.
  • The Olive Parent: As a mother of seven children, -- five from homebirths -- this blogger has quite a bit of experience in the matter. One of the recent posts discussed if homebirths are just a trend, or a more lasting birthing option.
  • The Sanctuary: Keeping up to date with the latest childbirth news and information is a top priority for this wellness center’s blog. Read their weekly updates about midwifery, homebirth, and cooking.
  • The Trial of Labor: Though this blogger ended up having hospital births, she promotes the option of home and natural births. There are also some very thought-provoking posts about enduring several miscarriages while trying to have a baby.
  • The Unorthodox Dad: While writing about the intricacies of fatherhood, this blogger takes time to describe his experiences with homebirth. There is a very thought-provoking post about insurance confusions that can occur after having a baby at home.
  • Tiny Grass: This blogging couple relates their experiences with natural and at-home childbirth. With baby number four on the way, expect plenty of up-to-date information and anecdotes about birthing options.
  • Veritas Wellness Blog: They offer lots of tips about general health, as well as specific advice for expectant mothers. Some great articles discussing homebirth are available as well.
  • Where’s My Midwife?: This is the blog for an organization that assists people in finding midwifes for their hospital or at homebirths. There is some valuable information here about midwives in general, and some wonderful birth stories.  

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