Wednesday, April 27, 2011

KD130 Health Insurance Plan Worries Expats

Published 27/4/2011 in Arab Times
‘Price Hike, School Fees, Rent Enough Burden’
KUWAIT CITY, April 26: Expatriates are concerned over the proposed health insurance scheme through which they shall receive treatment in 3 separate hospitals and 15 clinics after paying KD 130 yearly instead of the current KD 50.

In the proposed scheme, families will receive discounts that will cover lab and X-ray examination, as well as medical checkup, reports Al-Rai daily.

Based on opinions sampled by Al-Rai daily, expatriates are worried about the financial implications of the health insurance scheme, considering the hike in prices of foodstuffs, fees at the private schools, rent and other miscellaneous expenses, while some urged a rethink of the proposal, in order not to complicate life for expatriates.

Some expatriates called for a system that will allow payment of the KD 130 in installments, whereas another set of people said they would resort to treatment at the pharmacy if the plan is put to effect. Also, others wondered whether the health care of foreigners has now become a source of trade.

Ahmad Hussein, an engineer with wife and 3 children said the only solution is to send his family back to their home country because he couldn’t afford paying KD 420 for health insurance each year. Lending voice to Hussein, Mamduh Sharqawi also considered the decision as injustice against expatriates, particularly those with families and others that rarely visit the hospitals.

He urged the KD 50 scheme should remain in use, even if additional fees would be levied on those going for treatment in the hospitals.

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