I currently also offer 2 kinds of Workshops: 

1. Workshop on Labour Skills

Workshop on Labour Skills will provide you with basic information about childbirth. You will learn breathing and relaxation techniques, which can be used during early and active stages of labour. You will also learn about alternative ways of pain relieve, mother directed pushing and early initiation of Breastfeeding. 
This workshop is suitable for moms to be who wish for natural labour and also for those who prefer epidural. Useful tips and tricks tested in Kuwaiti hospital included. 

2. 1+1=3 or We are becoming parents 

Workshop is open for pairs- both moms and dads to be. You will learn about changes which you should expect during pregnancy, how to deal with pregnancy's challenges, how to connect with your baby in womb, how to support each other emotionally and spiritually, discomfort management for late pregnancy, how to support each other during childbirth and breastfeeding . Informed decisions may help you with becoming more confident parents. 

Both of these workshops are provided in English and Arabic languages.

For English version check out the summary

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